Who ya gonna call? Fellow Cruisers!

There are many reasons why we love living on a sailboat. One of those reasons is the strong cruising community.

The cruising community is made up of many different people from all parts of the world. At the moment, Snowflake is anchored in Grenada and in this particular bay alone, there are vessels from Germany, U.K., Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, U.S.V.I., B.V.I., France, and the U.S.A. Some of these boats also have smaller flags raised up their masts (opposite the Grenadian courtesy flag) representing crew onboard their vessels from Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, and many other countries.

All of these people are from different walks of life. If we were to have seen any of these same people while living onshore, we likely would’ve walked right past them, never meeting or speaking with each other. But here, we all have one common thread that brings us together and fuels conversations for hours—boat life.

Each morning at 7:30 (except for Sunday), the cruising community meets on channel 66 on our VHF radios. Continue reading “Who ya gonna call? Fellow Cruisers!”

How to Navigate Your Way Around Grenada

I jumped as I heard a horn honk and a man’s voice shouted, “Bus? Saint Georges?”

We had just left Prickly Bay and were walking alongside a highway, where a local lady told us we would find the bus that would take us to the IGA supermarket. I don’t know about you, but when I think of a public bus, I generally think of  something along the lines of this…

But in Grenada, a bus is not a bus. Yes, it’s true. A bus here is actually a van. So you can imagine our surprise when we first saw a “bus” in Grenada.

I actually heard the van coming before the driver ever laid on the horn; the reggae music was so loud that you could almost hear the van vibrating. Continue reading “How to Navigate Your Way Around Grenada”

A Great Big Slice of Heaven

Woburn Bay, where Snowflake is anchored.

We’ve been anchored in Woburn Bay (aka Clarkes Court Bay) for around a month now and have really come to like the area. The bay is huge; there are several places to take your dinghy and go ashore, and Hog Island is close by for easy trips to the beach.

But one of our favorite places is a short walk from the Lower Woburn dock—Nimrod’s Rum Shop. Continue reading “A Great Big Slice of Heaven”

Sunday On The Island – No Shoes Required

A beautiful day on the island.

The sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful shade of baby blue, and it’s Sunday on the island!

Every Sunday afternoon, there is a popular BBQ on Hog Island in Grenada. Cruisers and landlubbers alike all gather on the beach of the small island to partake in good food, drinks, and live music. A short dinghy ride away from Snowflake, it’s become one of our favorite weekly events since we anchored in Clarkes Court Bay.

Because this is such a fun and laid back event, we wanted to share it with you and give you a little glimpse of what life is like here in the islands. Continue reading “Sunday On The Island – No Shoes Required”

Where Are My Shorts?!

A rainy day in paradise.

The sound of the rain is almost deafening as it pounds on Snowflake’s cabin top. Jumping up from the salon table, we scramble around the boat, closing all the hatches and portlights. Thankfully, we can leave the door open—our bimini isn’t the greatest cockpit shelter but it at least keeps the water from coming inside the door.

The morning started off like any other morning—sunshine, blue skies. Like many other cruisers who don’t have the luxury of a washing machine, I took the opportunity to hand wash our laundry in a bucket and hang it out to dry. Less than a half hour later, the wind picked up and a nasty cloud full of big rain drops drifted over the anchorage.

Figuring it was the typical squall that would blow over quickly, I shrugged my shoulders and went inside to fix coffee and breakfast. Little did I know then that the bad weather was here to stay… Continue reading “Where Are My Shorts?!”

Oil Down on the Hog

As we lifted and pulled our little dinghy up the white sandy beach of Hog Island, we were instantly hit with the smell of a smoky wood burning fire. Tying the dinghy painter to an old tree trunk, we looked around.

Down towards Roger’s bar we saw the catamaran Shadowfax waiting to take tourists from the cruise ship back to St. George’s. We saw locals with their coolers and chairs hanging out, talking and laughing together. Little children played in the water.

Welcome to Hog Island!

Continue reading “Oil Down on the Hog”

Atlantic Crossing – Stats and Lessons Learned

Snowflake’s Atlantic Crossing Stats:

Start: Mindelo, Säo Vicente, Cape Verdes Islands

Final Destination: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Days at Sea: 22 (21 nights)

Miles Sailed: 2,297

Average Speed: 4.55 knots (top speed 10 knots; slowest 0.0 knots)

Number of Changes to Sail Plan: 22 (not including reefs)

Number of Squalls Encountered: 9 (top wind speed – 27 knots)

Engine Hours: 21

Fish Caught: 3

Santo Antao on the left and Sao Vicente on the right.

As I write this from Snowflake’s cockpit, the sun is shining down over the lush, tropical island of Grenada. It’s hard to believe that just a month ago we were anchored in Mindelo in the Cape Verdes. Looking back over the last month, the feelings of accomplishment, joy, awe, and disbelief are abundant.

While Snowflake did not make as great a passage time as some boats, she did better than others and we are satisfied with our stats. Overall, we were prepared for the crossing, but there were many lessons learned. Continue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Stats and Lessons Learned”